B.E.S.T. is a gentle healing system used to address stress and promote balance in the body


I started my journey into holistic health when I disembarked from a ship, during my time in the military.

I had been sailing for about 4 years and noticed I didn’t feel well when I was off the ship. I knew something wasn’t right and my body has the power to heal itself, I just had to unlock that power. I experimented with holistic modalities and found the key which enabled my body to heal. I then realized I wanted to help people who had had a simple path to mine and that’s what lead me to B.E.S.T. I’ve been studying B.E.S.T. for about 4 years and have helped countless people who have experienced a journey similar to mine.


I maneuver energy from the universe to reboot your brain and body, creating an improved stress response.  I also perform muscle testing to find your trigger emotion that is causing distress in your health.  B.E.S.T is a complete system of wellness recovery.  Once your mind, body, and spirit are aligned, you are able to heal at your highest capacity.


B.E.S.T., Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique, is a non-invasive hands on healing technique where we work together to remove unresolved emotional gunk from the subconscious allowing your body to heal and enabling you to create the life you want. B.E.S.T. can help anxiety, sleep problems, back/neck pain, knee pain, frozen shoulder, relationship struggles, financial struggles.

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