About Ashley and B.E.S.T.

After investigating my symptoms I was diagnosed with Mal de Disembarqument Syndrome. The good news was I now knew why I had been feeling the way I was feeling, and the bad news was, there was no cure. Years later after I had been studying B.E.S.T. I would come to learn that the only thing that could actually be cured is bacon. This diagnoses set me on a journey of discovery in the holistic health industry.

family-3I started my journey into holistic health when I disembarked from a ship, during my time in the military. I started feeling extremely dizzy when ashore. I was diagnosed with Mal de disembarqument syndrome which meant I was hit with both land and sea sickness. I dealt with constant nausea, dizziness, headaches, and fatigue to which there was no escape. I decided to leave the military and start seeing health practitioners to treat me. I did not realize how many people I would have to visit until I found a solution.

I “managed” my symptoms for a long time, finding temporary solutions to help me through the day but not finding real help. I would plan my day around my illness. It would take me hours to prepare my body before I could get out of bed so I wouldn’t get thrown into nausea and dizziness. I avoided certain activities to prevent sickness.

I was 25 years old and just trying to survive my life.

One day while attending a course, I came across an acquaintance who had been through the ringer as I have. He referred me to a NLP practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). We discovered something amazing! My brain had short-circuited itself, creating an illness to get me off the military ship. There are many beliefs as to how sickness occurs in the brain and body; one of them being our higher self creates them providing us with messages on which path to take next. I follow that belief system and it was proven to me with my diagnosis. I did not want to be on a boat anymore but I didn’t take steps to remove myself from it, so my body decided to do it for me. Unfortunately, after I left sea living, I was happy with the choice but my body had been through so much trauma, that simply being ashore wasn’t enough. There was too much interference going on between my body, my brain, and my vibrational system. It was my meeting with the NLP practitioner that set me straight after many attempts of managing my symptoms.

It just took one hour of NLP and my body reset itself. I re-trained my brain into a healthier state of being. I have yet since to relapse and am much happier with my life.

Fascinated with holistic health care, I started looking at career options. I wanted to help people like I’ve been assisted and this world intrigued me. I researched many schooling options, one of them chiropractic care. I have been treated by chiropractors for many years and received some benefits from them. I was, however, disillusioned by the repeated need to receive treatment.

Why did I need to continue returning for the same adjustment instead of fully healing myself? What’s missing here? Why isn’t the adjustment holding?

family-4I threw the question out to the universe, looking for direction for a method that would fill that missing piece. I came across the Morters, developers of B.E.S.T. (Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique). I thought it was interesting and personally tried it out through a practitioner in Calgary.

At a seminar, Dr. Ted Morter said something to me that changed my life. He talked about finding a health system that is complete, that would fill in all the gaps that we’ve been yearning for years. I felt like he reached into my soul and shook it to its core. I cried. I felt moved to look into this further and signed up for a “Living your B.E.S.T” seminar. During my time there, I found the missing piece. I decided to become certified as a practitioner myself and now have been practising professionally for many years. B.E.S.T speaks to me profoundly and I’ve completed many levels of training, including Master B.E.S.T and Animal B.E.S.T. Just recently, I’ve started my own B.E.S.T business and am now helping clients heal every day. I love it.

My favourite part about B.E.S.T is that it is a complete system of health. A treatment with a practitioner is just one part of the program. B.E.S.T discusses nutrition, emotional health, home exercises, and more. It encompasses many assets of health and encourages self-healing. A treatment with a health practitioner is valuable but only a few hours at a time are spent with them. We are with ourselves 24/7 and what we do outside of the treatment is what’s going to determine our health status. B.E.S.T teaches people how to optimally use that time. It’s easy to implement.

victoria-4B.E.S.T works for everyone because it aligns with people’s individual characteristics. It is modified according to personal needs.

My life has transformed with B.E.S.T. I found a wonderful relationship from using the emotional tools. I lost weight after resetting my diet. I discovered that this obstacle wasn’t determined by conventional thought of calorie counting, but by my body being too acidic in nature. When it became alkaline, the weight loss occurred by itself. B.E.S.T helped me achieve goals by removing my blockages and insecurities. It’s motivated me to keep a consistent exercise program. And last but not least, it’s changed my sleep.

I have a passion of sharing this technique with others and having them share it with their family, friends, and furry loved ones. It is so easy to fall between the cracks of healthcare, always searching for the answer to our problems. B.E.S.T is a wonderful, easy, complete system of healthcare that will shift people’s health and lives into a higher state of wellness.