“I’ve known Ashley for years as a very dear friend, yet it took me a while to fully accept and open up to BEST. Over the past year, I’ve found myself craving more and more treatments because I can truly see and feel the difference. I’ve been travelling outside of Canada for the past 8 months (which has brought on a whole new ball game of stressors in my life) and have had multiple long-distance sessions with Ashley to help me manage when I’m feeling flustered and out of balance. Each time our energies connect, the results are stronger and longer lasting. During our last treatment, I was sitting cross legged on the floor and as the treatment finished, I felt like I had melted into the floor. My whole body was heavy and my head felt foggy and tired (which is very normal for me after treatments because there’s usually quite a big energy shift). But, when I stood up to walk around, swinging my arms opposite my legs, my body felt lighter and lighter and I could feel happiness and light rushing through my whole body. I actually laughed out loud while walking. I’ve never experienced such a positive and happy shift – It was an absolutely wonderful experience and since the treatment I feel calmer when dealing with all aspects of my life. I am so grateful.”

– Skye

“I had the pleasure of a B.E.S.T. treatment from Ashley while visiting Victoria recently.  I was not sure what to expect from it.  Ashley was able to locate tender spots in my body.  Using her skills through her special touch, she was able to remove all the stress from those tender spots allowing my muscles to relax.  I was able to feel a complete alignment and total relaxation and the energy inside felt like it was moving in perfect harmony.  I had twisted my ankle a few weeks back and my foot and lower leg was weak and painful during my fitness routines .  With my recent B.E.S.T. treatment Ashley was able to remove any pain and discomfort from that part of my body.  I now look forward to returning to my Spin classes and daily dog walks.   I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone needing to relax or have an area of their body re-calibrated.  Thank you Ashley for a peaceful, pleasant experience.”

– Shelley

“I was in a car accident in 2006 and experienced trauma to my lower left back. I did physio for it and managed to get it to a point where it still bugged me but I was able to function. One B.E.S.T. treatment with Ashley and the pain is gone. The crazy thing is that I didn’t realize how much pain I was in all the time. It hasn’t bothered me since.”

– Johanna

“I don’t know what you did to me at eWomenNetwork Victoria, BC last night, but it wiped me out and I slept like a baby for 11 hours last night. Now to catch up on work!”

– Jannine

“Anyone in the Victoria area (or anywhere as it can be done on the phone), who needs a check up from the neck up, I recommend Ashley Elizabeth LeBlanc’s work. Through the BEST treatment, and the overall support she offers, I have noticed measurable results. And the best part? You can experience a permanent shift in just one session!”

– Matthew

“For most of my life I have struggled with sleeping and since reaching mid life it has got worse with squirrel brain that starts up every night. After a few best treatments with Ashley LeBlanc my sleep issues have subsided and I am sleeping better than I have ever slept. I was thrilled to pass on my experience to a very good friend who was also struggling and she is now sleeping well too! Thank you Ashley LeBlanc , I have no idea how it works, but it works and I am very grateful!”

– Colleen

“I’ve been working with Ashley for a number of years now. We do in person treatments and distance treatments over the phone. Ashley has a way of tuning into what is going on for me and helping me work through it. Not only is she an amazing practitioner, she offers practical help in case I am moving through something and she isn’t available to help me right away. I don’t know where I would be without her continue help and support.”

– Nicky

“9 hrs straight of uninterrupted sleep!!! Thank you so much Ashley Elizabeth LeBlanc for your amazing treatments! I can’t remember the last time I slept that well. Ahhhhhhhhhh”

– Bree

“What is a B.E.S.T. practitioner? What do they do? Well… You know how it feels when your body is out of alignment? And you know how it feels after you’re back in alignment? There’s a wooooooozy feeling as the energy releases and begins to flow again right, and then it settles in. Well… After a treatment from Ashley, thoughts I had which were keeping my body in a fight or flight pattern (totally unconscious by the way), shifted, which adjusted the neuropathway holding them in place, which changed the way my muscles were holding, which changed the way my nervous system was responding… Gently, subtly releasing patterns that had been in place for decades. It’s like a one, two, three RELEASE. #1 Brain, #2 Body, #3 Nervous System… FLOW… And the treatment was super quick and so gentle. It was really quite subtle and then for the rest of the evening I could feel the shift in a much more pronounced way.”

– Tina